Demanding industries rely on minimal production downtime – and this superconducting magnet manufacturing premises in Oxford is no exception.

About Siemens

For more than thirty years, Siemens Magnet Technology has been at the forefront of medical innovation, designing and manufacturing superconducting magnets for MRI scanners all over the world.

More than a third of all MRI scanners installed in hospitals globally contain a superconducting magnet that has been designed and manufactured in this Oxford-based facility.

Siemens reached out to Acrylicon with a requirement for a resin flooring solution that provided high-wear surfaces, capable of withstanding heavy-duty mechanical stress.

However, busy working conditions means that the team at Siemens also need a solution that not only provides strength and durability, but also one that can be installed and ready for use without any disruption to their manufacturing schedules.

For these reasons, Acrylicon resin flooring was selected.


Installing The Acrylic Resin Floor

We are supporting Siemens Healthineers with their flooring requirements, installing many sections of flooring in ongoing overnight shifts to avoid production downtime.

The rapid two-hour cure time of the Acrylicon system avoids the need for Siemens to set aside their production areas for days at a time while the flooring cures and the incorporation of line marking, coloured bays and walkways within the flooring system provides an ideal turnkey solution.

After each overnight installation, the Siemens team are able to begin their 6am shifts without any delay or disruption.


The resin flooring works that have been carried out overnight helps us to avoid halting any of our production schedules. And when it comes to routine maintenance, the rapid curing of the resins is vital in ensuring that we can carry heavy traffic over the floors from 6am the following morning without any concerns”
Allan Perkins
Maintenance Engineer

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Our high-wear surfaces are capable of withstanding heavy-duty mechanical stress – ideal for process engineering environments. When combined with durable expansion joints, our solutions minimise exposure of sub-floors and the release of dust and contaminants.