Hygenic & Easy to Clean
Safe & Non-Slip
Good Looking & Practical
Fast Cure Time & Long Lasting

Performance Gaurantee

Car Garages Resin Flooring

With a specialist Acrylicon flooring system, not only can we guarantee durability, but also aesthetics. Our uniquely designed formula allows us to provide flooring capable of handling heavy traffic, particularly for car garages that must withstand the weight of multiple vehicles. The strength of our resin flooring means that it will not become brittle with time, will resist oil and be easy to clean.

Both a plain and decorative finishes are available, allowing the flooring to remain aesthetically appealing while still serving its purpose. In addition to appearance, Acrylicon resin flooring offers slip-resistant properties to guarantee the safety of customers and is also incredibly easy to clean. Maintaining a sparkling clean, high-end car dealership has never been easier!

All flooring solutions, along with car garages resin flooring repairs, come with a 10 year performance warranty for your peace of mind.

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