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Acrylicon Levelling Screed

Acrylicon Levelling screed provides the perfect substrate to overlay, combined with an unrivalled cure time to provide a smooth, efficient finish every time…. in a fraction of the time.

It’s the ideal choice for building levels, levelling un-even substrates, creating falls to drains or as a bedding mortar for drains.

Acrylicon Levelling Screed is a two-component, solvent-free methacrylic polymer cement with strong compressive and flexural strength.

It has low linear shrinkage and cures quickly, making it an excellent substitute for cement-based screeds.

Acrylicon Leveling Screed comes in thicknesses ranging from 5-550mm, creating a low shrinkage rate. The low shrinkage rate ensures the smoothness of uneven surfaces and enables larger unevenness to be levelled out.

For flooring that is level and aesthetically pleasing, the surface of the mortar is similar to the look of finished concrete.

Industries We Help

Due to the number of different properties used to guarantee the reliability, durability and strength of our resin flooring systems, Acrylicon provides bespoke solutions to a number of different industries. All flooring solutions are fully compliant with HSE guidelines, easy to maintain and are of exceptionally high quality.


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