About The Project

About The Shangri-La

In 2017, we installed a complete acrylic resin flooring in the kitchen at this prestigious location, the Shangri-La at The Shard. The objective was to achieve a hygienic resin flooring so that the hotel could maintain cleanliness.

The Shangri-la is a luxury hotel at The Shard, London. It’s well-known for its high-end dining and city views.

Occupying levels 34-52 the kitchen flooring at the hotel needed to have a high-performing resin floor that delivered durability as well as looking in immaculate conditioning to carry out the luxury feel at the hotel.

Hygienic Resin Flooring

With up to 5 men on-site at any one time working 12-hour shifts, we arranged for the de-installation of the kitchen equipment and its removal to a temporary storage unit.

Using mechanical devices, the old vinyl flooring was removed and the latex levelling screed underneath; all rubbish was then transferred to skip and disposed of.

The concrete sub-floor was suitably prepared to not only remove all contamination and laitance but also to expose a cracked aggregate surface.

Exposing the cracked aggregate surface will allow full penetration of the primer coat. We installed coving using Acrylicon Décor cove mix, in a colour scheme that perfectly matched the flooring.

The cove mix, ultimately, is sealed with the acrylic resin flooring to provide seamless joints, thus avoiding any potential traps for dirt and bacteria.

After priming, a 4mm thickness of Acrylicon Décor System was applied by trowel.

The system was applied with edges to all drain channels and expertly ‘toed in’ using a flexible Acrylicon resin.

The industrial floor was given two seal coats with an Aluminium Oxide coating between them to provide HSE approved slip resistance.

The Results

Within 2 hours of this final coat being applied, the equipment was returned to the kitchen and re-commissioned for immediate use.

All customers are provided with a 10-year guarantee on all new flooring as we are confident that the resin will never delaminate from the concrete.

Hygiene was at the heart of this project and was maintained with the installation of acrylic resin flooring so that all users of the kitchen are reassured that they’re receiving sanitary food.

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