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Safe & Non-Slip
Good Looking & Practical
Fast Cure Time & Long Lasting

High Compressive Strength

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Resin Flooring

Research and development laboratories, production suites and assembly lines all have one thing in common: the need to have a resin floor that boasts a wealth of performance characteristics. These include:

  • Superior abrasion
  • Resistance to impact
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • The ability to withstand extreme temperatures

… whilst also providing a smooth, easy-to-clean finish.

No easy feat, we’re sure you’d agree. In fact, overcoming all these challenges is difficult with many resin flooring systems. But with Acrylicon, success is guaranteed.

Working Alongside Major Pharmaceutical Facilities in the UK

When specifying a resin flooring system, it’s crucial that you select a partner that has a proven, long-standing track record of success within your industry.

We have worked alongside many major UK healthcare, biopharma and pharmaceutical companies over the UK and around the world – and one thing we’ve found is the need for a solution that takes full responsibility for all aspects of a project. From:

  • Selection
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Aftercare

You can guarantee that your warranty will be safe, under one roof. A single source.

What is Acrylicon Resin Flooring?


  • Acrylicon is not a PU Resin
  • Acrylicon is not an Epoxy resin

Acrylicon is:

  • A Unique Formula within MMA Resins

But, what is the difference…?

Traditional MMA resins are known for their fast cure time, but low compressive strength.

And that’s where Acrylicon’s Unique Formula resin is different…

When you decide to choose Acrylicon resin for your Engineering & Electronics factory, you will benefit from:

  • Low cure time, AND
  • Superior compressive strength.

In fact, compressive, abrasion, impact and flexural strengths are generally far superior to other Resin Systems and do not degrade as the effects of water, cleaning chemicals and the working environment take effect.

Advantages of Acrylicon Resin Floors

Here are the facts:

  • 2-hour cure time
  • Chemical stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Superior compressive strength

Resulting in:

  • Better cleanability & maintenance
  • Less production downtime
  • A longer-lasting, stronger solution


Slip Resistance Guaranteed for your Engineering or Electronics Factory

When specifying a resin flooring solution for your engineering or electronics setting, you need to ensure optimal slip-resistance.

Acrylicon resin floors are fully compliant with HSE slip-resistance regulations and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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