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The healthcare sector works tirelessly to deliver round-the-clock care, providing treatment to thousands of patients daily. As such, rigorous cleanliness standards must be adhered to, whilst maintaining a comfortable and aesthetically pleasant environment.

When selecting a resin flooring system, heavy foot traffic, expansive surface areas and optimal bacterial resistance and hygiene are all key considerations and should be central to the operation of any healthcare facility.

Why is Acrylicon The Solution For Your Hospital Environment?

Acrylicon Resin Flooring is unique in its chemical construction, providing compressive strength in excess of Polyurethane Resin Floors combined with the fast cure of MMA type Resin Flooring.
With a proven longevity of over 40 years’ experience in almost every industry and a truly turn-key package from manufacture to installation, Acrylicon is the perfect partner for your hospital’s Resin Flooring needs.

Why is Acrylicon The Solution For Your Hospital Environment?

Strength and hygiene are, arguably, the most crucial design elements for your resin floor system. So, what makes Acrylicon the number one choice for your hospital and healthcare setting?

Superior Strength

Ultimately it is the strength of the bond line that produces successful floors. It is the ability of the bond line to transmit loadings and thermal changes without reducing its “grip” that creates the longevity of the systems.

The special primers of Acrylicon are designed to achieve deep penetration into the substrate and with the subsequent chemical bonding of the body and sealer layers, ensures that Acrylicon is permanently attached to the substrate. Removal of the system (even only 2 hours after installation) by mechanical means will remove split aggregate from the concrete – exhibiting the extent of the bond.

Other Resin Systems rely to a great extent on a mechanical key, as the primers do not generally achieve great penetration into the slab due to their high viscosity.

Ultimate Hygiene Performance

Acrylicon Décor System is a resin rich system with no “fine” fillers laid at 2.5:1 aggregate to resin, as opposed to most Resin Systems which have a ratio of 6:1 or more.

This ensures a totally sealed and hygienic system with no pores or air holes in which bacteria can proliferate.


Working With You To Provide Exceptional Care

When specifying a resin flooring system for your hospital or healthcare environment, it’s crucial that you select a partner who takes full responsibility for all aspects of a project. From:

  • Selection
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Aftercare

You can guarantee that your warranty will be safe, under one roof. A single source.


A Tailored Installation Process To Meet Rigorous Hospital Demands

All steps of the installation process are carefully tailored to meet your hospital’s busy demands. Acrylicon can begin by creating a bespoke installation plan that is focused on your working schedule to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

Our specially trained, certified teams are capable of not only installing systems, but also completing resin flooring repairs in a fraction of the time required for traditional resin floors.

We will provide ongoing support, even after the installation process. For added peace of mind, Acrylicon will return to your premises for an annual health check.

Ideal for a Variety of Applications within Hospitals

  • Operating and surgical areas
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU)
  • Examination rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Scrub areas
  • Nurses’ stations
  • Communal and leisure areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Corridors and stairwells
  • Bath, shower and changing rooms
  • Offices
  • Storage & utility spaces

Advantages of Acrylicon Resin Floors

With Acrylicon resin flooring, you benefit from:

  • 2-hour cure time
  • Chemical stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Superior compressive strength

Resulting in:

  • Better hygiene
  • Less downtime
  • Fewer repairs & replacements
  • A longer-lasting, stronger solution


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